Top 5 ways to protect your MTN MoMo account from fraud
Credit: MTN Ghana

Top 5 ways to protect your MTN MoMo account from fraud.

Hello lovely readers, we at welcome you all to this platform where we serve you basic tech content. In today’s post, we are taking a quick look at the simple ways of securing your MTN mobile money wallet. Without spending much time, let’s dive into the top 5 ways to protect your MTN MoMo account from fraud.

1. Never share your PIN with anyone.

Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number and must be kept a secret. Giving your PIN to can enable them get access to your account. Therefore, for you to keep your account safe, do not share your PIN with anyone else.

2. Always confirm the recipient’s number before proceeding to send the money.

Users must check to see if the recipient number is indeed the number they wish to make the transfer to. Absolute care must be taken in order to avoid transferring funds to wrong numbers. Under No circumstance should you send money to an unknown number, if they appear as if it’s a person you know, try other alternatives to get in touch with them just to make sure you are not dealing with fraudsters.

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3. If someone calls to ask for your PIN for any promotion or what so ever, do not be deceived into giving it to them.

No MTN official would demand your PIN for the purposes of putting you on a promotion or for any other matter. Remember, your PIN must not be shared ! As a matter of fact, in most cases, it’s only a person who is eager to withdraw money from your account asks for your PIN. Beware of fraudsters !

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4. MTN will only call you with 0244300000.

Be careful of people who call with any other number apart from the one stated above and claim they’re from MTN. MTN only call you with 0244300000.

5. Call 100, text 1515 or send an email to to report any fraudulent activity.