How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10 Computer
Bluetooth not working

How to Fix it When Bluetooth is Not Working on your Computer

Bluetooth can be an essential technology to make sure you aren’t tethering yourself to a computer, laptop, or tablet. Sometimes, Windows 10 computers have Bluetooth problems that range from device connection reliability to audio quality. To fix these types of Bluetooth issues on Windows 10, there are several different fixes you can try.

Causes of Bluetooth Not Working

How to Fix It When Bluetooth Is Not Working on Windows 10 Computer
How to fixt Bluetooth not working

Windows 10 can occasionally run into Bluetooth connection problems, which are usually caused by a combination of software and hardware issues. Sometimes, having multiple Bluetooth devices on the computer can cause conflicts with each other or the computer they’re trying to connect to. Other times, poor connectivity is the result of outdated Operating System updates that need to be downloaded and installed.

Windows 10 PCs may experience Bluetooth troubles for a number of reasons, including the device being broken, incorrect settings that were enabled or disabled in Windows 10, and even if the Bluetooth device is turned off.

How to Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10

  • Ensure that Bluetooth is turned On.   Bluetooth can be turned off on Windows 10 devices by accident. To make sure it’s on, open the Windows 10 Action Center by clicking on the system tray in the lower-right corner of your screen and check the status of the Bluetooth icon. If it looks dim, your device is not connecting via Bluetooth. You can turn it on by simply clicking the icon. Also, you may want to check if Airplane mode is turned Off as it can render all network connections unavailable including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot and others. This can be done by clicking the Airplane mode tile in the Action Center.


  • Restart the Bluetooth.   Turn it off and back On again if it was already turned On. That’s what I mean by restarting Bluetooth. This action will reset the Bluetooth connectivity and could fix some issues associated with it not being able to connect to other devices.


  • Move the other Bluetooth device closer to the windows 10 computer.   Bluetooth works best when the connecting devices are closer to each other. Users should ensure that the distance between the pairing device and the windows 10 computer is as short as possible since some devices wont even show up in the list of Bluetooth devices on windows 10 computers if there’s a long distance between them.


  • Make sure the Bluetooth device has been powered On and running.   If the pairing process takes a long time, expect that pairing won’t succeed because the device may turn Off. This happens because  your Bluetooth device doesn’t detect any activity. Check and turn it on again if it shuts down.


  • Remove the Bluetooth device from the list of paired/connected devices and add it again.   You can do this by navigating to settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > then select the name of the device from the list of devices and click on Remove. OR, you can open the windows start menu and try searching for “Bluetooth”. “Bluetooth & Other devices” will appear in the start menu  apps for you to select and go to windows 10 Bluetooth settings. There you can find device names listed under “Other devices”. At this point all you need to do is to select the name of the device you want to remove and click on “Remove device”.


  • Check for Bluetooth devices conflicts/incompatibilities. Some Bluetooth devices encounter trouble when being paired with more than one computer, tablet, or smartphone. Mostly, it’s required that not more than three(3) devices should be connected to each other at the same time. Connecting multiple devices to the windows 10 computer can make it difficult to pair with new devices. If more devices may result in conflicts and can be resolved by disabling Bluetooth on all but one of the smart devices and computers.


  • Check for updates and install the latest version of windows 10.   Installing latest updates will make the windows 10 computer more secure and allow for faster pairing of Bluetooth devices.


  • Restart windows 10 computer.   Restarting the windows 10 machine is also one trick that always works for many users. The windows 10 updates will automatically request for a restart of your computer after downloading the updates. This is done to successfully install the updates on your windows 10 computer.  A simple restart of your windows 10 computer can help fix this issue.

Note: It is important to remember that the above tips would work best for windows 10 computers. Aforementioned are some ideas to start with If you’re finding difficulty in trying to connect a Bluetooth device to your windows 10 PC.