Fix mobile data not working
Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

How to Fix it When Mobile Data is Not Working

Although smartphones can bring a lot of benefits and convenience, they just aren’t as reliable as internet service providers. Super-fast 5G and 4G connections can prematurely stop working and you might end up not having internet service.

Causes of Mobile Data Not Working

These “out of internet service” issues come up as a result of software malfunctioning, hardware faults, or damage to the actual networking system of the device. I’ve mentioned some tips below to help you figure out what to do to get the cellular data to work on your Android or iPhone. This article takes you through How to fix mobile data not working issues.

How to Fix No Mobile Data Connection Errors

  • Restart and/or turn off your smartphone. First off, you may want to restart the smartphone as this fixes any buggy background apps/processes that’s causing you to lose your cellular network connection. Don’t panic  if the restart doesn’t fix your cellular data problems because turning off your device completely will also ensure that the operating system fixes all background processes including network connections issues. These background apps/processes can cause your phone to not respond to cellular data switches and a simple restart or turning off can help fix this.


  • Check your sim card. Most often, damage to sim your card also leads to network not available which causes  the cellular data to stop working.  You may want to open up your phone to check whether you sim card in intact and doesn’t have burns or severe scratches on it. Sometimes, positioning the sim card well seems to do the trick for many old smartphones.


  • Check your network service provider.  Sometimes cellular data issues come about as a results of  unavailability of your network service provider. The easiest way to check if this is the case is to have a look at or ask your friends and colleagues who are on the same network service provider as you. You shouldn’t worry if a couple of your friends are facing similar issues.


  • Check your cellular data limit.  For users to be able to track the amount of internet bandwidth they use, some operating systems have built-in cellular data limit regulator which is purposely for tuning the limit of cellular data you can use for a particular period of time. If you realize that your cellular data network is not working then you might want to check and extend the data usage limit set for your smartphone.


  • Check available cellular data cap. This could also be causing the cellular data issues because some of the network service providers out there do not even allow you to turn on the cellular data if you’ve already exhausted your data bundle. If this is your problem then a simple thing to do is to top up your daily/weekly/monthly/ cellular data bundle.


  • Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These two applications are known to have some interference with cellular networks when turned on whiles using cellular data. This situation is common in old iPhones and Android devices. You would realize that the Wi-Fi that you’re on is probably not as strong to perform any meaning surfing because you may be out of the distance covered by the Wi-Fi network. When this happens, your device tends to be connected to the Wi-Fi but with a very weak signal strength whiles your cellular data is enabled. This can lead to your phone alternating between the weak Wi-Fi connection and the cellular data. Similarly, enabled Bluetooth connection also seems to have a minimal influence on a cellular data not working and turning off both apps can help solve cellular data problems.


  • Turn off Airplane mode. This option is usually disabled/turned off for many smartphones, however you may want to check to be sure it was turned off after you got out of a plane or event. Smartphone’s Airplane mode turns off all communication/data connections associated with your phone and turning it on and back off will also help to do away with cellular data not working issues.


  • Reset your phone’s network settings.  Resetting your network settings will remove all stored networking data and let you begin again with a fresh connection.


  • Unlock your smartphone. If your phone is locked to its initial carrier, it may not work with a SIM card from a different company. In this case, you’ll need to unlock it to get it to work with cellular data properly.


  • Install latest version of Android or IOS operating system. Updating to the latest releases of the iOS or Android OS can often fix a lot of bugs associated with your mobile data not working. Some carriers even require the latest operating system versions to function properly.


  • Perform factory reset.  Doing a factory reset is going to wipe your smartphone’s settings, data and all network configurations. After doing a factory reset, it is expected that your smartphone assumes its original state as at the time it was manufactured. This technique seems to fix a lot of issues on smartphones therefore its worth a try.