You will soon be able to buy items on Tiktok
TikTok online shopping
You will soon be able to buy items on TikTok, here’s why.

TikTok has started testing a feature that’ll allow its users to shop online in the US. Although the roll out of this feature has been slow in the US, there were successful tests in the UK and some parts of Asia.

Making this option available on the app will mean that users will have a place to buy some of the items they need. By using this feature in the TikTok app, users will be able to purchase products and have them delivered to their doorsteps. And all of these shopping activities can be done inside the app. Amazing, isn’t it?

Personally I think it is rare to find extreme pleasure/happiness and also get to have useful shopping features on the same app. This milestone has been achieved after trying other features such as the shopify shopping tab.

In near future, businesses across the world can register on the app to extend their services to a wider audience since the TikTok app is used by millions of people worldwide. Also, the company aims to set up warehousing and fulfilment centers across the US to cater for customer’s returns and storage.

It’ll probably be a good idea to start seeking for some of these warehousing jobs from TikTok if you’re currently in the US.