Twitter reportedly terminates thousands of contracts without notice
Twitter layoffs

Twitter terminates thousands of contracts

There has been numerous lay-offs from twitter recently which has seen many of its former employees come out to explain how things went down, from getting emails message that they’re fired to employees not getting access to their twitter email.

According to many contract workers at twitter, they did not receive any heads-up about being cut out of the company and they only got to know when they were denied access to the accounts which was issued to them by twitter when they were hired.

These job cuts have left many teams close to zero workers/engineers to keep the jobs running at twitter. For instance it is said that, the lay-offs have sent away about 15% of twitter’s trust and safety team. According to some staff who lost their jobs, it is assumed that you have resigned if you do not go to the office in-person to work as the company has set out new policy to ensure that workers do not work from home but come to the office to work.

From the look of things, more lay-offs are on the way as the company has made it clear that these exercises are part of plans to reprioritize and cut down on loss.