ring security camera for vehicles
Source: Ring

The Ultimate Security Solution for Your Vehicle

Ring, the leading brand in the security camera market, has just unveiled a new product that provides a complete safety solution for vehicles. The Ring Car Cam is a security camera designed specifically for use in cars, and it is controlled through the Ring app. You can easily mount it on the dashboard using the tools that come with the package.

What sets the Ring Car Cam apart from other door-based cameras is its dual-facing design. One camera faces outward while the other faces inward, allowing for continuous monitoring of both the inside and outside of the car. The cameras are able to record while the car is in motion and when it is parked and turned off.

The device also has a range of sensors that detect changes both near the car and inside it. If it detects any unusual activity, such as a break-in or an increase in movement, the cameras will automatically start recording and send a real-time alert to your phone. The app allows you to watch live footage and even communicate with anyone inside or near the car.

One unique feature of the Ring Car Cam is its voice-activated recording, which the company calls “Traffic Stop.” This allows users to start recording as they drive, providing a visual record of traffic stops and other events. As Ring is owned by Amazon, it is also fully integrated with Alexa.

You can preorder the Ring Car Cam now, and early adopters will pay $200 for the device. The price will increase to $250 once preorders have closed, and the cameras will start shipping next month.