Over 2000 rural star sites to be deployed in Ghana to boost mobile network.

Huawei in collaboration with the gov’t of Ghana are set to deploy over 2000 Rural Star sites in Ghana. These Rural star sites will be deployed to rural areas to provide voice and data services for the people in less privileged communities.

This project will ensure that Ghana records an increase in national mobile communication coverage from 83% to 95% and will greatly accelerate local economic development whiles improving people’s livelihoods. The project is to be completed by September 2021.

Ghana has been on the rise in terms of mobile communication for some time now, but there exists a gap in the rural areas in relation to mobile telecommunication development. These infrastructure will see to it that underserved and less privileged communities get their fair share of mobile communication development in Ghana so as to improve livelihoods and economic activities in rural areas.

Project overview

In this particular project, the Rural Star solution locally brewed through the collaborative effort of Ghana will be used. This indigenous rural star solution transforms microwave or satellite in traditional rural network solution into wireless relay, towers into simple poles, and diesel generators into clean and green solar energy. Compared with the traditional rural network solutions, the rural star reduces cost by more than 50%.