MTN Ghana set to roll out AI systems to  check MoMo Fraud

MTN Ghana set to roll out AI systems to  check MoMo Fraud.

MTN Ghana has disclosed that, they intend to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to enable them detect fraudulent acts in MTN mobile money transactions.

Lately, Mobile money fraud activities have been on the rise in Ghana due to the increase in economic activities by local businesses and other enterprises in the country. According to the central bank,  mobile money fraudulent activities pose serious threat to the entire banking sector.

As part of the measures put in place to handle these acts, mobile telecommunications operator, MTN Ghana have mentioned that, they are going to integrate AI into the MoMo system to detect malicious attacks posed by fraudsters. The CEO of MTN Ghana, Mr. Adadevoh shared some insights on MTN MoMo financial activities and this is what he said on the PM Express business edition, “This is something that can be described as a lifesaver. Depending on how you want to look at it, at the initial stage, the numbers were low, but picked up strongly later.”

Mr Selorm Adadevoh also mentioned that they are working tirelessly towards the establishment of a system capable of blacklisting the numbers of these fraudsters.

Mr. Adadevoh commented on the need for all the telecom companies in the country to join hands in the fight against mobile money fraudster.  “as an industry, we need to start coordinating on how we can create a centralised fraud management database so that when a subscriber reports a fraudster, their ID details are captured and blocked.” he said.

Source: myjoyonline