Google Voice's new warning system
Google Voice’s new warning system


Google has announced a new feature for its Google Voice service that aims to help users identify and deal with spam calls. The company will use advanced artificial intelligence to identify spam calls and mark them with a red “suspected spam caller” warning. This will allow users to easily identify and potentially avoid answering calls that may be spam.


In addition to this warning, users will also have the option to confirm that a call was spam and send any future calls from that number straight to voicemail, or to clarify that the call was not spam and remove the label for future calls. This new feature will be available to all Google Voice users and is expected to roll out within the next 15 days.


Google Voice has previously offered the ability to filter spam calls to voicemail and screen calls before answering, but this new feature provides users with a more visible and user-friendly way to identify and deal with spam calls. It is worth noting that users will need to turn off the Filter Spam feature in the settings in order to enable the automatic spam labeling.


While this new feature is certainly a welcome addition for Google Voice users, it is worth noting that the company’s Pixel phones offer even more advanced features for dealing with spam calls, such as the ability to have Google Assistant screen calls and choose responses. It remains to be seen whether these more advanced features will be made available to Google Voice users in the future.