Generate photorealistic images using AI

AI can now generate art on its on when given a text prompt. Advancement in modern AI has seen major milestones reached over the years. Some common examples of super useful AI technologies are; synthetic voice generation or text to speech, language translation, data compression, image quality restoration/improvements and now text to image generation. It is amazing how AI can generate images from  text descriptions/prompts and these images are photorealistic images as well. There has been multiple attempts to perfect this new technology by  Imagen, VQ-GAN+CLIP, Latent Diffusion Models, DALL-E 2 (a research made by open AI) and then in 2022 there came stable diffusion from and also a proprietary version from Midjourney research lab.

Generate art and images with AI
AI generated image from the text description “generate a photo realistic image of a black doll”

Many have raised issues concerning this feet achieved by modern AI regarding the fact that it’ll take away the jobs of artists. This shouldn’t be a worry since these models do not yet have the capabilities of generating human level art. Humans will still lead the race when it come to art generation since these models only enhance the creativity of an artist. Imagine not knowing the principles of art such as color combinations and yet you wish to generate a much impressive artistic image using this AI tool, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t be able to generate art to impress anyone since you lack the basic principles of artistry.

AI can now generate images
Art generated from the text description “Generate a phot realistic image of a barca dog”

These AI enabled tools are only present to make certain aspects of life easier than they were before and should not be looked at as a competition. As a baseline, artists can use this art generation tool to make their initial art and then go further to use their innate skill to polish the art to extents not reachable by the AI. This would be an efficient utilization of this tool. Below are some images generated using the art generation tool.

Generate art and images using AI
AI generated image for the text prompt “Generate a photo realistic image of cr7”


Generate art and images using AI
“Generate a photo realistic image of messi barcelona”

The featured image of this post was generated by AI. You should give it a try here using your own text prompts to generate art/images for your next artwork.