Catch Taxi is set to launch with over 5000 drivers onboard
catch taxi launches in kenya

Catch Taxi is set to launch with over 5000 drivers onboard.

Over 5000 drivers have registered on the kenyan based startup “Catch Taxi” platform. The platform is one of the emerging ride-hailing services in kenya and talks around this platform seems to have been trending for some time now.

Taxi drivers can now signup on the platform and earn income alongside their daily rounds. Catch Taxi is here to stay and compete with industry players such as Uber, bolt etc.

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Car owners and taxi drivers can simply signup by providing the following details on the platform:

  • National ID,
  • Drivers license
  • Police clearance
  • PSV (Public Service Vehicle) badge and
  • NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) inspection sticker.

Catch Taxi have secured more than 5000 taxi drivers on their platform ahead of its launch and is going to offer taxi drivers even much affordable rates to enable them earn more.