11 startups to participate in Africa AI Accelerator

11 startups to participate in Africa AI Accelerator program.

The Africa AI accelerator program which is scheduled to be hosted in Accra-Ghana has announced the names of selected startups to participate in the program. In this post, we’ll talk a little bit about the 11 startups to participate in the Africa AI Accelerator program.


The program is set to commence in 2020 with the 11 start-ups selected to be mentored and supervised under the auspices of the Ghana Tech Lab in collaboration with GIZ’s AI and technology entrepreneurship initiatives of “FAIR Forward” and “Make-IT in Africa” with support from IBM to enable various groups bring their ideas to light. 


The program is aimed at providing technical product development and business development support to participating entrepreneurs.

Below is the list of selected startups to partake in the program:

    From Rwanda

  • Aqua Safi Focusing on fish farming, they provide systems to check the quality of water, fish feeding etc.
  • Tabiri Analytics – Tabiri Analytics Inc. focuses on building cyber security as-a-service solutions.


    From Uganda

  •  chil AI – They provide breast and cervical cancer services with the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Wekebere  – is a health social enterprise that aims at building innovative healthcare solutions specifically for pregnant women.
  • Global Auto Systems They focus on a wide range of fields such as robotics, providing business solutions, waste management and improving health care through AI.


     From South Africa

  • Congretype They provide societal solutions focusing on renewable energy, ICT for development and Climate Smart Agriculture.

  • Openbank Openbank provides a way for companies to make payments and share relevant financial information.


     From Ghana

  • Service Hub Ltd (Kwanso) – They use AI to help safeguard the lives of customers and staff and also improve user experience through the “kwanso ” AI tool. 
  • Xpendly Xpendly is a personal finance management app that focuses on ensuring efficient use of personal income.

  • Diagnosify – AI startup that use AI-powered systems to diagnose skin diseases.