No ID card No cash out: cash out will require ID card coming April 2021.

MoMo users  will be required to provide a valid national ID card when performing MTN mobile money transactions at any MoMo outlet, coming April 1, 2021.

Many security concerns have been raised since the inception of Mobile Money services. As part of the measures put in place to keep the system as safe as possible,  mobile telecom giants MTN, the operators of MTN Mobile money have initiated a plan which requires that users provide one of the following approved ID cards; Driving license, Passport,  voter’s ID, Social Security and National Insurance Trust ( SSNIT ID) card, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card and National ID card (Ghana card) in order to perform MTN MoMo related transactions. Simply put, No ID card No MTN MoMo cash-out.

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No ID card No cash out - cash out will require ID card coming February 2021

This arrangement is scheduled to commence on February 1, 2021. MTN disclosed that “when an agent is performing a cash-out for a subscriber, the agent is required to select the ID type and enter the ID number of the ID card the subscriber provides.”

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Mobile money has come to streamline the payment of goods and services and has also made possible some financial  services which seemed impossible some time ago.