New analytics and startup discovery platform 'startuplist Africa' goes live
Startuplist Africa

New analytics and startup discovery platform ‘startuplist Africa’ goes live.

‘Startuplist Africa’ is an online analytics and startup discovery platform that provides full-stack data on various startups, companies, and businesses in Africa.

The platform was launched back in June with the aim of serving users with in-depth information such as performance metrics, competitors, startup funding, tech stacks, discussions and news about startups in Africa and has received some positive feedback from users across the continent since its introduction.

Ever wanted to search for information about a specific startup? then is the go-to destination. Emmanuel Ibe shared some insights about his data-driven platform,

“There’s a need for an official list – a platform where you can learn how companies are evolving across the continent. A list that keeps a record of the key metrics that drive the growth of African startups. This list can also effectively solve other problems like discovery and due diligence.”

“At Startuplist Africa, we currently track various metrics on the platform. These include information on startup funding, growth metrics, competitors, team size, tech stack, presentations, interviews, news, and other insights with more to come.”

“We ensure our data is authentic and contains information on real and active startups across Africa. Our network, team of researchers and intelligent systems, constitute some of the ways with which we find and list African Startups on the platform. “

“We are committed to making Startuplist Africa rich with valuable information on African Startups and Ecosystem.”