Android 11 Go edition launches, checkout the new features
Android 11 go edition

Android 11 Go launches, checkout the new features.

Google launched Android 11 just some few week ago for Google Pixel devices and phones from Oppo, OnePlus, Realme and Xiaomi. Android 11 (Go edition) comes off to enhance the features of new low-powered devices.


Unlike Android 10 which was developed to cater for devices with RAM less than 1.5GB, Android 11 Go is able to handle devices with 2GB or less of RAM. Although Google didn’t give examples of phones that will get the emerged update thus Android 11 Go, you may want to try and upgrade to Android 11 Go to checkout the new features it’s got.

Some Features

  • Google disclosed to The Verge that, apps ran 20 percent faster on Android 11 Go edition as compared to previous Android 10 Go edition.
  • Grouped notifications from chat apps in your notifications.
  • Granting apps one-time permissions for things such as your microphone or camera.
  • Android 11 (Go edition) adds a gesture-based navigation system you can use to navigate your way through the phone’s user interface which enhance user experience.

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source: theverge