Rewind AI records the activities on your MacBook
rewind AI

Rewind AI records and stores everything you do on your MacBook. Have you ever encountered a situation where you don’t remember who said what or where you placed some files or where you came across a pertinent piece of information or you’re finding it difficult to remember where you viewed a particular piece of information?
That is the problem that Rewind AI is solving with its machine learning enabled screen recording software.
Rewind AI clones the activities you perform on your mac, whether it being a watched video, zoom meetings and many more. The software uses optical character recognition (OCR) to capture the text from screenshots of documents you view or the text in videos you watch and is also able to record your microphone and transcribe audio from meetings you attend, compresses the data and save it for future reference.

The nice part of this is that, you can search for the data since everything is saved as text locally on your mac.
On one hand, this app is extremely useful since you wont ever lose any piece of data and works seamlessly whiles on the other side of the story is the privacy concerns being raised.This app records almost everything such as the websites you visit, transactions you perform, tabs you open and many more and this could be dangerous as anyone who gets access to your unlocked computer will be able to access the data in this app. Although the rewind AI app will be much helpful in many spheres of life, it poses threat to the privacy of users. There are some positives worth talking about regarding the fact that they ditched the use of cloud audio transcription and now the app does audio transcriptions locally on the mac.  You can also exclude some apps from being recorded by the app.

“When we launched two days ago we shared that we use a cloud transcription service. That didn’t go over so well with some folks (thanks @smagdali). Today, we decided we would entirely ditch cloud transcription and ONLY do transcription locally on your Mac.”  – Dan Siroker founder, Rewind AI.

How it works
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