Microsoft's Windows 11 to Get AI-Powered Smart Snapping Feature
Microsoft’s Windows 11 to Get AI-Powered Smart Snapping Feature

Smart Snapping and OCR: Microsoft Plans to Add AI Features to Windows 11.

Microsoft is set to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its Windows 11 operating system, according to a report by Windows Central.

The move is part of the company’s broader strategy to incorporate AI into many of its products, such as its office applications and search engine Bing, to enhance user experience.

Anonymous sources cited in the report revealed that Microsoft plans to introduce a “smart snapping” feature in Windows 11, which will allow users to recall commonly used app groups with a single click.

This is expected to offer a better experience for power users who frequently multitask with the same set of apps.

The company is also said to be testing a feature that enables Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for searching apps in the Snap Assist interface, reducing the time it takes to find a running app to snap side by side.

While the report did not specify when the features would be available, a hidden feature ID in recent Windows 11 preview builds suggests that some of it could be ready for testing in the coming weeks.