Google meet new 360-degree background
Google meet new 360-degree virtual background

Google Meet Unveils 360-Degree Virtual Backgrounds for iOS and Android

Google has recently rolled out a new feature for Google Meet that allows mobile users to apply 360-degree virtual backgrounds during video calls.

The feature, which was first announced last month, has now been made available on both iOS and Android. It uses the device’s gyroscope to track the user’s movements, adjusting the background to fit their position.

This means that if you move your phone or tablet left or right, the background will change to show different scenery. Google offers several 360-degree backgrounds for users to choose from, including a beach and a temple.

While the feature is a cool addition to Google Meet, it may become distracting if the user is constantly moving their device during a call. However, it’s not as obnoxious as Meet’s collection of Snapchat-like filters, which can turn users into cats or put their faces on strawberries.

Google has also recently introduced emoji reactions for Meet, though they have yet to catch up with Zoom’s complete library of reactions.

Google is currently in the process of transitioning users to the new Meet app, which combines the features of Duo. As the final warnings have been sent out, Google will soon be switching users over completely.