Chrome browser new updates
Battery and performance boost in chrome browsers

Google Rolls Out New Energy and Memory Optimization Features for Chrome Desktop Web Browser.

Google’s Chrome browser introduces Energy Saver and Memory Saver features to enhance battery life and memory usage. These features, which were announced in December 2020, are now available globally on Chrome 110 desktops.

The Memory Saver mode snoozes inactive tabs to free up RAM, while the Energy Saver mode limits unnecessary background website activity, such as visual effects. Memory Saver mode also lets users exempt frequently visited websites to ensure maximum performance.

The Energy Saver mode can be activated when a device running Chrome is reduced to 20% battery, or when unplugged from a power source. Both features are enabled by default on Chrome 110 and can be disabled at any time in the Performance tab of system settings.

The Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes on Chrome 110 come as a welcome relief for users of the browser. The feature is designed to reduce battery consumption and enhance the browsing experience, especially for those who love to have multiple tabs open simultaneously.

This will significantly improve the performance of the browser and allow users to do more with less. With the new Chrome 110 optimization features, Google continues to lead the pack in providing users with a top-of-the-range web browsing experience.