Best websites to earn extra money with little effort
These websites will help you make money

Nowadays, even your hobby could earn you so much in income if you strike the right deals. And the proliferation of remote opportunities have made it so easy.

The freelancing space has become bigger than ever as there is increase in demand for jobs roles to be filled. Companies ranging from tech, real estate developers and any others are constantly hiring to keep up with demands.

Freelancing is the answer to your question if you’ve been wanting to work part-time/full-time and from home. It can be hard for you to even decide on the right freelancing website to choose from since there’s a plethora of them. Fun fact is that you are guaranteed to earn more than $100 per month by doing these jobs.

In this post, I’ve put together a list of the top freelancing websites that you can hop onto and make some money for yourself whiles you get to choose the type of projects and clients to work with. Also, we’ll discuss some perks/advantages and common examples of the type jobs offered by these freelancing websites.


Fiverr offers you some courses to get you started in your freelancing journey, free sign up, secure payments and multiple categories of job types to select from. It also gives you the luxury of setting up a profile and listing your services for others to contact you.

Here, you have the opportunity to sample from a lot of gigs that could earn you so much income. Top categories include, software development (i.e., web, mobile, desktop apps), content creation (i.e., article writing, script writing, copy editing, voice overs, YouTube video creation and editing), digital marketing, and so on.

There are many jobs I outsource to experts on fiverr and I must say that I’ve spent so much paying  different people to do jobs for me. The good things is, whatever I’ve hired an expert to do for me has earned me several times more than I spent.



On Upwork, you get to work with credible clients and assured of secure payments. All you’re required to do is to send good proposals to clients and wait for them to reach out to you.

Job types include, software development, simple automation, tutoring, content creation, graphic design, etc. There are amazing testimonies of people who have earned a fortune working on this platform. My first job on Upwork didn’t earn me that much but with time figures doubled to the point where I started earning $600 a month from this side hustle I do for only a few hours a day.



On, you get to meet top professionals from companies across the world. In addition, they give you 24/7 customer support, a feature on their desktop application to help track your progress, live chatting system and you’re able to choose from different payment options. charges a small percentage of what you earn after completing a project.

Common examples of jobs available on Freelancer are, content creation, programming and software development, brand and social media marketing, etc.



Although Toptal has a tough selection/recruitment process, you get to work with top tier professionals, talented people from all over the world working on long term contracts/projects. They also have reliable payments systems/options to enable you to cash out as and when the need arises.

Some of the jobs available on Toptal are, programming/software development, finance and accounting, management.


Turing is enable by machine learning and AI. It uses its algorithms to match candidates to jobs. Although it is free to set up your profile on Turing, you have to pass a series of coding tests before you will be able to get matched to companies/jobs to earn income. On Turing, your are assured of getting a job if you’re able to complete the relevant task lined up for you.

You can find the following jobs to do on, programming and software development.



First off, Jooble is like a job search engine. On Jooble, you can select a particular region to display Job vacancies available for that location. Jooble collects multiple job postings from job boards all over the world and showcase them on their portal. There’s no need to create an account on Jooble since the jobs displayed there are from other sources and clicking on them will just take you to the actual source.

These are some of the jobs types available for capture on Jooble, data entry, content creation (writing), graphic design and more.



LinkedIn offers you the ability to perform Job search, network with other people in your domain and also provide job opportunities. On LinkedIn, you get to enroll in courses to which help you to upskill in your current field. Many of my colleagues have gain employment through applying for jobs on LinkedIn.

All kinds of professional job opportunities in every industry can be found on LinkedIn, ranging from software engineering jobs, journalism, content creation and others only if you know how to search for the relevant keywords for jobs you’re interested in.



Dribble is largely dominated by creatives. It offers you brand promotion, networking and collaboration. To be successful on dribble, most artists and designers create professional profiles to showcase their talent and sell their brand. If you’re a creative person such as video animator, graphic designer, user interface/ user experience designer then you have to give this platform a shot as it is going to help you make a lot of money.


To sum it all up for you, there are other platforms such as guru, TaskRabbit, 99designs, people per hour and servicescape for people in architecture, engineering, administrative, secretarial, art design, programming/software development, writing and translation. Whatever your skill is, just count yourself in and choose any of the platforms mentioned above to start earning as soon as possible.