Best parental control apps in 2020

Best parental control apps in 2020.

Wondering what your kid is doing with his or her smartphone all day? Then you should read this post to the end as we take a quick look at the list of apps that you can use to monitor your ward.

Kids’ demand for smartphones is on the rise and as a parent, it may be worrying to see your kids spend so much time playing games, surfing the web, making calls and many more. These apps got you covered as they can be of help in monitoring your kid’s activities on their smartphones.

  1. FamilyTime
  • Location tracking
  • Sends notification when a child enters a particular zone
  • Device limits for homework and bedtime.
  • Notify parents when a particular number calls/ text.
  1. Google Family link
  • Can ring a lost phone that’s on silent.
  • Modern user interface
  • Uses Google’s location services for location tracking
  • Doesn’t have capabilities of automatically filtering explicit contents
  • Can’t block phone numbers
  1. Qustodio
  • Qustodio is great for parents who want to monitor their kids who may be miles away from home. It has a panic button that could be used to place SOS / emergency calls and texts although it’s only available in the premium version.
  • Has capabilities of monitoring social media activities of kids on YouTube, Instagram etc.
  • Parents can set time limits for apps and games
  • Explicit website blocking.
  1. Screen Time
  • Has a free version and a premiums version that goes for $6.99/month
  • Patents can do more with the premium version
  • Restricts all apps with the exception of educational apps
  • Limited to one device per child
  1. Boomerang
  • Can monitor text messages by sending alerts from child’s phone to parent’s phone when the child uses inappropriate words
  • Can monitor YouTube search history
  • Automatically sends spam and phishing calls straight to voicemail.
  • Costs less than $3

In as much as these parental control apps give users some comfort, they all have their downsides. You should try out a couple of them to know which one suits you perfectly.